YK11 / Myostatin Review – YK 11 Sarm Results And Benefits

Yk11 is also very popularly known as myostatin and is considered to a very strong SARM. Some have called it a synthetic steroid that is based on DHT, a hormone that targets androgen receptors in the body. Due to its extraordinary abilities to build muscles really fast, YK11 is currently gaining interest, particularly among bodybuilders.

  • Researchers have suggested that YK11 can increase muscle by increasing the follistatin, the muscle-building protein in the body. It was also found to increase the bone-building protein enhancing the bone health in the body. However, its usage is said to very toxic and will have a number of weird side effects. This article outlines the ins and outs of YK11. To begin, let us start with history.

History of YK11

Yk11 was initially studied by a Japanese researcher named Yuichiriro Kanno in the year 2011. According to Yuichirio, the drug was a selective androgen receptor modulator, but currently, researchers think otherwise. Since then, the limited studies that have been carried out have claimed that YK11 acts as a myostatin inhibitor. Its molecule structure was also found to be very different and quite unique. However, since YK11 is still new in the market, there still does not exist any established naming for the drug.

YK 11 molecule structure

How Does it Work

Again, since the drug is still new, exactly how YK11 boosts the muscle production in humans is not quite certain. What is known for sure is that the biological structure of this drug is comparable to DHT and binds the androgen receptors in the same way? DHT is a hormone that will naturally occur in our bodies.

  • The hormone is critical for hair growth, suitable puberty development, and prostrate healthiness. In the same way, YK11 binds itself to the androgen receptors inducing muscles that create more follistatin which reduces the levels of myostatin.
  • When the protein in the body that limits muscle growth is reduced, the body begins to experience increased muscle growth that will often exceed genomic abilities. The consumer is, therefore, able to grow really large muscles without the need to actually lift weights and exercise.

All in all, all these are mere claims that can only be confirmed once more research is done.

YK11 Benefits

Nevertheless, the benefits YK11 has shown or humans that have used it are very clear. Below are some of the profits to expect from YK11 consumption.

Increased muscle size

  • Consumption of the YK11 will automatically boost the growth of muscle cells leading to very huge muscle sizes. The growth is estimated to be over fifteen Ibs and a reduction in body size after a cycle.
  • In fact, if that careful with the usage, the huge production of muscle could outweigh your body in general and this could be very dangerous.

Continuous lean body mass

  • Other than just an increased muscle size, YK11 guarantees a continuous lean body mass even after completion of the eight-week cycle.
  • Researchers have found the possibility of the drug to activate more and more Follistatin that in return ensures a continual lean body mass.

Strengthens bones

  • YK11 also increases the levels of PKB in the body cells. As a result, these activated cells send signals that may surge the growth of bone cells. With very strong muscle building effects, the drug is able to maintain healthy bones.
  • This would particularly favor the old people who are struggling with weak and unhealthy bones and muscles. With just the right dosage, this problem could be solved.

YK 11 benefits

Very quick to take effect

  • Finally, YK11 effects will often not take more two weeks to start manifesting. Unlike other drugs, you may start to experience the growth of muscle sizes and extra strengths very early.
  • According to Gruntstyle2, a user of the YK11, it only took him three days to start experiencing the dense feeling. Surely, you could only imagine how huge one will appear after an eight-week cycle.

YK11 Side Effects.

However, even with all the mentioned benefits above, YK11 users are still subjected to a number of side effects from its consumption. Technically, no animal or human has been tested for these effects yet. All in all, from a number of studies and research, carried out, these side effects may occur and will differ according to the consumer. Most of these side effects are also very severe and could easily interfere with how the body would normally function. Below are a few of the side effects that may result from using YK11.

High chances of cancer

  • According to a cell study, very high levels of follistatin may increase the risk of acquiring cancer. The critical organs likely to be affected will include the esophagus, prostate, skin and the stomach.

Loss of hair

  • From individuals who claim to have used the drug, YK11 may cause hair loss and shedding is also possible. Again, this may be due to the increased levels of follistatin but will affect people differently. This means that some may not actually go through the hair loss agony especially for females.

Damage the liver

  1. Just as a number of other steroids would are deadly to the liver, as a steroid, YK11 may cause very serve damages to the liver. The biological structure of YK11 is very similar to steroids and therefore chances of a damaged liver are very high.

Mild acne

  • Mild skin acne should also be a side effect to expect. You might experience it for a few weeks within the cycle or after the cycle is complete. It may also not be present on anyone. Some may not experience it at all.

YK11 Dosage

A YK11 dosage will normally vary depending on the gender and the preference of the user. It may come as capsules, in powder form or through muscle injections. The majority prefer to split the dosage twice in a day, while others may not seem to work for them.

  • For females, the recommended amount is between 0.5mg and 5mg as the maximum they can take in a single day.
  • Men, on the other hand, can handle a much more dosage from 5mg to 10mg again as the maximum limit in a single day.

Users may also increase their dosage with time but must always be very keen to overdosages. Claims of acquiring super results through increasing the dosage may not be true at all.

Where to buy YK11

YK11 can be simply and rightfully purchased online for research purposes only. The product is yet to be permitted for human intake and therefore this only means the industries are not yet regulated. For this reason, taking the time to find the best vendor might be very important. You would not want to test a fake product and even worse consume it.

This could be very disastrous and very harmful for you. Therefore, make sure you have the original YK11 for the best results. To avoid any mistakes, get recommendations and make time to go through the products review.

Two well-known companies you can acquire YK11 from are the topnotch SARMS and the Medfit RX.

Bottom line

In general, although YK11 has not been specifically tested on humans, the response and comments about the products are overwhelming. The, in particular, appeared to be very tempting and would be the main reason why many have considered using YK11. The huge muscle build up that can allegedly occur in just eight weeks is definitely something bodybuilders would try.

Additionally, the fact YK11 only needs a few days to start manifesting is also something. Surely, we’d all prefer a very fast process to quickly get over and done with. The product was also claimed to be beneficial to old men and women who would want to improve their bone health. With the right kind of product and the correct amount of dosage, the product looks okay and probably a bit safe.

However, YK11 has its side effects which seemed a little extra. Basically, the product appears to be very toxic and being illegal just makes things even worse. Something is not just right when we have to interfere with the normal functioning of our bodies. After all, the product offers the shortest way out, which we all know the reputation of choosing the shortest and quickest way in life. What’s more, as long the product is not fully tested, it remains harmful and toxic for human ingestion.

Either way, please make sure to undertake enough research before considering YK11. Learn about the product both in and out and ensure to look for a few reviews. Also, find the best vendor for the best product and guidance if need be. You will need good customer support and service from the vendors. Remember it is a toxic product and therefore consuming a fake product will only make everything worse. Lastly, don’t forget to weigh the two sides in the best way possible. It will be very valuable later on in your life.

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