Umbrella Labs – One Of The Best SARMs Suppliers Of Bodybuilding Products

Over the years, SARMs have grown quite popular, which has led to the rise of plenty of suppliers in the market. Due to the massive increase in suppliers selling SARMs, you can’t help but get overwhelmed on which supplier is the right one. Therefore, checking up on their information is crucial to making sure you purchase the products from a reliable seller. Our review focuses on Umbrella Labs, their features, and all that they have to offer.

Pros and Cons of Umbrella Labs

Here are some of the pros and cons of Umbrella Labs.


  • They test their products, and they also post third-party tests on their website
  • They have plenty of positive customer reviews


  • Their website is poorly designed
  • They don’t accept returns or even offer any refunds

Who Are They?

umbrella labs

Umbrella Labs is a company that has been operating for years, and it has managed to establish a good reputation on the market. They started small, but the company has grown and become quite popular among

  • SARMs consumers
  • PCT supplements
  • peptides
  • and nootropics.

Therefore, Umbrella Labs can be said to be among the best SARMs suppliers in the industry of bodybuilding products.

Products and Policies

These are the products sold by Umbrella Labs:

Here are some of the peptides sold by the company:

  • PT-141 Bremelanotide peptide
  • Bacteriostatic water
  • Thymosin Beta 4 peptide
  • BPC 157 body-protecting complex peptide
  • MGF Mechan growth factor

The nootropics that the company sells include:

  • PRL 8-53 Nootropics powder
  • Adrafinil powder
  • Phenibut HCL powder
  • Phenylpiracetam
  • Coluracetam powder

Product Quality

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As a SARM buyer, it is essential to know the quality of products sold by a supplier to avoid any regrets. So, does Umbrella Labs offer quality products? The company doesn’t hesitate to say they offer the best quality products on the market. According to them, they take all their products to in-house testing and then publish all the results on their website. Their products are also not alcohol-based; they are glycol-based. Therefore, the company can be said to offer the right quality products. It is indeed amazing to note that with this vendor, you can get the product of your preference.

Customer Support

Customer support is significant for any company. A good company is one that ensures they serve their customers well and solve any issues that their clients may be facing. Umbrella Labs strives to provide excellent customer support as you can easily reach them through their email address. This is incredible as you can be able to reach them any time you have a query regarding your preferred product. You will be able to gather all the important information that you may need in order to make an informed decision.

Discounts/Rewards Program

Every customer loves some good discounts and rewards when they buy products, and that is why a lot of suppliers tend to offer coupons and great deals to their customers.

  • Unfortunately, there isn’t any much information about discounts/rewards programs offered by Umbrella Labs, except for the fact that they provide free shipping to US-based customers. However, you should not hesitate to contact them for more information regarding any offers they may be having from time to time.
  • It will surely feel great if you were able to save some money on your next purchase, as you get a high-quality product of your preference.

Website Usability

As we mentioned earlier, the website of Umbrella Labs isn’t one to be admired. The site is not well designed, and even though they’ve strived to provide as much information as possible, it still doesn’t come out as a professional kind of website. Therefore, that is something that they need to improve on to make their brand stand out.

  • In terms of usability, the site pages load quite well, although not as fast as you would anticipate.
  • You can easily navigate through their entire site and get to learn more about what they offer and some of their FAQs.

Shipping Policies

Umbrella Labs claims that they ship orders within 2-4 days after placing it, and they confirm it. They send the order confirmation through email. The email notification is sent with a tracking code that you’re supposed to use to track your package.

  • They offer free shipping to US-based buyers, and the shipping options that they provide to customers include USPS Priority Mail, which goes between 3-4 days, and USPs Priority Mail Express that requires additional charges.
  • However, the delivery is fast between 1-2 days for buyers in the US.
  • International buyers have the option of choosing either DHL or FedEx. Their shipping arrangement is topnotch and you should be able to receive your package in the shortest time possible.

Return and Refund Policies

Pure Bacteriostatic Water

Umbrella Labs does not offer any refunds to customers. They do allow you to return your product, but they specifically note that they won’t return the money to you.

  • We certainly believe this isn’t a fair policy since there are certain cases which qualify a customer to get his/her money back, especially if you receive the wrong product or something that you hadn’t ordered.

Customer Reviews

The company has received plenty of positive reviews regarding their products which show they might be doing a good job. However, you still need to proceed with caution when dealing with any SARMs supplier.

Legit Status of Umbrella Labs

Judging by the way the company has packaged itself and the products they provide, we can somewhat say they are legit and strive to ensure their customers get high-quality products.


A good SARMs supplier is one that is transparent and shares the necessary information on their website, similar to the way Umbrella Labs does about the tests they conduct on the products they sell. Overall, it is a good company that you try out and see how they work.

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