Total Nutrition Sell Two Types Of SARMs Brands In Capsules & Liquid Form.

When buying SARMs, most people tend to look for direct vendors since it helps to eliminate the hassle of having to go through a lot of processes when you want to ask a question about a product. Today, finding a vendor is very easy since you can search online and come across a lot of companies that sell SARMs. However, knowing the right company to trust is the problem.

In our review, we’ll discuss Total Nutrition, which is known to sell SARMs and other products. We aim to provide the right information to help you in the quest to find the best SARMs vendor. However, according to a New York Times report, experts urge caution on SARMs.

Pros and Cons of Vendor

Here are some of the pros and cons of the vendor.


  • The company has been operating for long
  • They claim to provide high-quality products


  • They sell products at very high prices
  • They don’t have much customer reviews

Total Nutrition: Who Are They?

Sarms for Body Building

Total Nutrition is a company that provides supplements, vitamins, and information to help people achieve their fitness goals. The company has a small team located in

  • Cedar Falls,
  • Iowa,
  • The U.S.A.,

which is dedicated to providing accurate information, fast shipping, and the best customer service.

  • They also claim to offer high-quality products. The company is more of a supplement shop rather than a SARMs store. They provide supplements that are dedicated to protein building, muscle building, diet & lifestyle, as well as sports nutrition.
  • The company doesn’t have its brand of SARMs. Instead, they only sell two types of SARM brands, which come from Hardcore Formulations and Striker Labs. The difference between these two is that one is in capsule form while the other one is in liquid form.

Products and Policies

Since the company provides products from two SARM brands, we’ll list down the products from each brand. You can get the following SARMs from Hardcore Formulations and Striker Labs:

In all of these SARMs listed above, there are also stacks offered by the company, which you are free to choose whenever you feel like it is time for you to level up your game.

Product Quality

When it comes to the quality of its products, the company claims to offer only the best on the market. However, they have failed to back up this claim since there aren’t any customer reviews/testimonials on their website to show what people are saying about them. What we can tell is that all of their products have been well described with all the necessary details needed for customers.

Customer Support

On the website of Total Nutrition, there is a contact page where you can find their phone number and email address, which you can use to contact them. There is also a form you can fill out to contact them immediately.

  • This is a step in the right direction, and having a phone number makes it easy for you to call them for more information.
  • This is good as you can seek further clarification on an order you intend to take up with them.
  • Unfortunately, we aren’t able to tell if they provide the best customer support since there aren’t any reviews showing this.

Discounts/Reward Program

Looking at the Total Nutrition website, we weren’t able to find any discounts or offers except for the free shipping offer that they offer to customers who buy purchase provides worth more than $39.99. But, you can always reach out to them and enquire about any discounts. The good thing is that they have a phone number on their contact information, and it would not be hard to get information regarding any discounts.

Website Usability

Their website is well designed, although it lacks that kind of unique appeal. The good thing is that they have data protection, which provides security when paying for an order. The website also loads fast and is responsive to all devices. All in all, it is a good website that is bound to give you a good experience as you shop from them.

Shipping Policies

The company ships products anywhere in the United States using the method of your choice.

  • When you make an order, the company estimates the delivery dates based upon the availability of the item you’ve bought, the shipping method you’ve chosen, and the destination.
  • The typical shipping time is between 1 to 3 days.
  • This is great and sufficient shipping procedures that will get your select product to you within no time.

Return and Refund Policies

They allow customers to return their products if you’re dissatisfied.

  • Refunds for items returned within 15 days of the purchase date are credited in full amount.
  • Any damaged order or missing items should be received within 2 days of receipt of the package.
  • You can check out more information about their return and refund policies here.

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Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, there aren’t any customer reviews on their website, which is a massive downside since that’s one way of establishing whether you can trust a vendor or not. That raised some concerns from us.

Legit Status of Vendor

Although there are few downsides about Total Nutrition, it does seem to be a legit company similar to the most popular ones. However, we would urge you to try and contact them first before you buy any of their products. This will allow you to gather as much information as possible, such that you are able to conclude in an informed manner. The good thing is that they are reachable on their telephone, and such information should be easy to get.


Total Nutrition is a company that strives to provide quality products. Our opinion is that it is somewhat average in terms of trustworthiness since there are several things the company needs to improve to come across more reliable and genuine.

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