Testolone ( RAD 140 ) – Does It Call A Strongest SARMs?

In life, people do have different purpose and reasons as to why they opt to take SARMS (Rad 140) compounds.

  • The majority do take these compounds to gain an insane amount of muscle mass. Typically to achieve such, majority of people takes LGD-4033 or the Ligandrol.
  • Surprisingly life is too fan. While someone is in dire need of building more body muscles, someone else wants to lower the same. People who want to cut off body fat and keep up a schedule of suppressing their body with junks go for Ostarine.
  • From our observation and indeed what seems best if you want to build up muscles and shed off extra body fats, maintaining a healthy diet and hitting the road of a gym is ideal.

A particular section of people, on the other hand, trade mass gains hand in hand with strength gain. They work hard to lift the best they can and break the previous thresholds for a bench, dead fits, and squats. This forms a perfect time when Testolone or Rad 140 comes into their mind.

What is Rad 140?

Rad 140 is widely known as Testolone and is touted as the ultimate strength to gain SARM. Using Testolone do means not only muscle gain but also an extraordinary power in return. As that is not enough, Rad 140 at incredibly low doses has a considerate anabolic effect that suppresses androgenic sides.

  • RAD 140 is a selective androgen receptor modular that is under strict research and evaluation from Radius Healthcare. Medics and researcher want to gain knowledge as to why Rad 140 can treat weight loss a condition mainly referred to as Cachexia, and why is it the best alternative for Testosterone replacement therapy.
  • If the researcher has a great need in evaluating Rad140, who are we not to grasp one or two details of the same.
  • RAD 140 has a selective affinity towards androgen receptors for both bones and muscle tissues. This, in return, allows its users to gain lean muscles and avoid muscle wasting.

Before this supplement was induced for human consumption, the initial trial was carried out in mice. The experiment was successful, and hence, recommendation on human use was granted.

How does RAD 140 work?

Testolone is just like any other SARM you might be thinking. Its users, however, tend to prove that RAD 140 has a great affinity for androgen receptor compared to other SARM compounds.

  • Once RAD 140 binds with the androgen receptor, it mimics the actions of almost all androgens. These include natural hormones such as testosterone and DHT.
  • Once androgen is mimicked, RAD 140 causes an increase in Nitrogen retention while at the same time boost protein synthesis in the body. Protein synthesis means a gain of enormous lean muscle mass.

In standard cases, Testolone rarely aromatizes or allow itself to be converted into DHT. This ability is contrary to synthetic androgens such as Testosterone and its derivatives, which are easily converted.

Why is RAD 140 the special SARM?

RAD 140 experiences

Almost all SARM are selective and aids positive results. However, RAD 140 is unique from the rest. By RAD 140 binding to androgen receptors, the user experiences excellent benefits without the need to worry about side effects. This makes the reason as to why RAD 140 is a more special SARM.

Many bodybuilders will tell you RAD 140 cannot be compared in anywhere with any of the other SARMs or steroids in terms of side effects. Its side effects are minimal and more suppressed.

What to expect once you take RAD 140

There are many claims that RAD 140 is the closest selective androgen receptor modulator to steroids. What this means is that once you take it, you expect a massive increase in body muscles and bone strength. People also link RAD 140 with the ability to cause loss of fat while the process of tissue builds up.

  • Drastic results are always expected immediately after the use of RAD 140. Due to its high ability in androgen affinity, this compound is considered as the strongest ever SARM compound.
  • If we would categorically want to define RAD 140, we would say it has a ratio of about 80: 1 anabolic to androgen.

It is worth noticing that compounds with high anabolic components, do contain great ability to aid in mass bodybuilding.

What is the appropriate RAD 140 dose?

Since RAD 140 is not medically prescribed, there arise different opinions concerning the right dosage users should adhere on.

  • Our advice is always one and quite apparent to Testolone users. Since RAD 140 is an active compound, the best way to go about it is to start experimenting with low dosages and improve with time.
  • The most significant advantage of RAD 140 is that it has a long half-life of about 15 to around 20 hours. What does this mean? It means you stand a chance of dosing RAD 140 once in a day and enjoy the service throughout the day without a need to add more.
  • People who are a prolific user of RAD 140 do recommend a beginner to start up with 10mg a day mainly due to its anabolic effect. Experienced RAD 140 users dose about 20mg a day, and it works best for them. Who are you as a beginner to start dosing above such limit?

How to stack RAD 140

Bodybuilders mostly like stacking RAD 140 with other compounds and steroids to increase impacts. The most commonly used combinations include the Ostarine, Cardarine, Ibutamoren and conventional steroids such as Primobolan.

Benefits of using RAD 140?

Apart from helping in building body muscles and bone strength, does Testolone has other notable benefits? We tend to think many people would prefer to have this question answered so there can widen their scope of knowledge concerning Testolone.

Continue reading through to get answers for the same.

  1. Reduce the androgenic side effect

Like we said, RAD 140 is never converted to DHT at any point. The main reason for this is because Testolone is a non-hormonal compound and does not aromatize at any point. Contrary, RAD 140 helps in reducing the swelling of the prostate glands, which is a possible side effect of exogenous testosterone.

  1. Fat loss

RAD 140 is not the most prominent SARM to use for fat loss. Due to intense workout and increased mass muscle build up, RAD 140 results in a significant decline in body fat.

  1. Ability to protect the brain

In one of the intended therapeutic uses of RAD 140 is the prevention of the entire Alzheimer’s. Even though it might take decades to legalize RAD 140 for brain protection, many people are already using it across the world. Testolone protects the brain from amyloid beta proteins which increase the brain cell growth.

  1. Creates overall body pleasure

When you feel that you do not intend to work out, considering the use of RAD 140 is the best alternative. Testolone helps you fight that sick and lethargic feeling that comes with laziness in taking an exercise.

  1. Harden body muscles

Even though primarily Testolone helps in muscle gain, there is always a need for the tendons to be stronger. Ideally, why would you need to have sagging muscles?

RAD 140 has an excellent muscle hardening effect that leaves the user with pumps something almost similar to Anavar or the Masteron.

Does RAD 140 have any side effects?

The side effects that user of RAD 140 experience are similar to what any Andarine SARM. However, to some point, these side effects are a bit minimal.

The appealing news in using RAD 140 is that cases that are associated with SARM like gyno, acne, and high blood pressure, are things of the past. It is worth to notice that RAD 140 is among the few SARM you will not see its side effect on the body.

The few side effect you can notice include the following;

  • 1). RAD 140 user experience irritability coupled with occasional headache and muscle cramps. These side effects are, however, not that severe, and you can cope with them with time.
  • 2). Other people do report that they do experience nausea and hair loss though up to now there is no proof to link Testolone with such kind of effects.
  • 3). The only side effect that is worth discussing is the ability of RAD 140 to cause testosterone suppression.

RAD140 testosterone suppression

If you become a chronic user of Testolone for an extended period, the strength of your body to produce testosterone hormone goes down. Most people who have had this effect in their life, end up undergoing SARMs PCT to help them recover from the condition.

Where to buy RAD 140

Nowadays there many different vendors selling RAD 140. The idea of look for a right vendor is to help you get quality compound that will serve your needs and again in a friendly price.

The most excellent vendor we do recommend anyone to buy Testolone from is the Sarms4You. These vendors charge a reasonable amount of money of about $69.95 for a bottle of RAD 140. All orders that go beyond $150 are always given on free shipping terms. Additionally, Sarm4You vendors are the few know sellers of RAD 140 that will supply the compound in any corner of the world in a reasonable time limit.


RAD 140 compound is still in its investigative stage. Even though it’s an ideal compound to building body muscles, it’s vital to use it with great care since it anabolic impacts are quite rapid.

Further research is underway to ascertain on whether RAD 140 can be used to suppress carcinogen cancer cell of the breast. If you are a chronic user of RAD 140 and it has helped you in one way or the other feel free to share with us your experience.

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