Stenabolic (Sr9009) – Lock Your Fitness By Using It.

The working mechanism behind Stenabolic is quite tricky. It is important to note that this drug is not a SARM. Nevertheless, it is promoted by many suppliers as a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator. The truth is that it is a REV-ERB.

Stenabolic or SR9009 was developed at Scripps Research Institute by Prof. Thomas Burris. Probably, you are wondering what Rev-erb is? This is a protein that is available in the skeletal muscle, brain, adipose tissue, and the liver. It is an essential protein in the circadian regulation process. Thus, it has to do with a person’s circadian rhythm or the biological clock as it is commonly known.

  • SR9009 was primarily developed for understanding the human body’s circadian rhythm. During tests on animals, it was found to have promising results. For instance, it was found to reduce anxiety, reduce inflammation, and improve endurance levels.
  • These benefits have been replicated on humans. When you use Stenabolic, you will enjoy the same health benefits you get from exercise. However, clinical trials have not been carried on humans. Therefore, it is difficult to tell what the exact side effects would be. This explains why it is available on the market as a research drug.
  • Ideally, REV-ERBs are proteins that restore balance to body’s clock by turning off BMAL1. For them to work, they need to be turned on by the heme group. This is a tiny compound that is available throughout the body and contains iron.

Due to surprising results from the research on SR9009, people are now using this drug for bodybuilding purposes. It has been referred to as “exercise inside a bottle.” The only problem is that there is no evidence documented to tell what long-term effects would be when a person uses Stenabolic.

How It Works

Stenabolic sets off different processes in the human body by binding and activating REV-ERB protein. The fact that it stimulates additional production of mitochondria means that it enhances metabolism in muscles.

  • As the amount of mitochondria increases, you will experience improved strength and endurance levels. When lab mice received this drug, it increased its running speed by over 50%. The explanation for this is the increased level of endurance as a result of the production of additional mitochondria. Also, every dead mitochondrion is replaced with new ones.

How Sr9009 does work

  • Also, as the metabolic rate of body changes, the amount of energy consumed by the body increases by at least 5-percent when you are resting. In this case, SR9009 becomes helpful as it burns the excess calories rather than having them converted to fat. In summary, Stenabolic reduces the amount of cholesterol and fat stored in the body. It also burns off glucose and fat stored in the muscles.


Benefits of Stenabolic

Weight Loss

  • SR9009 can help you lose weight without using special diets or exercising. It helps reduce the number of triglycerides, cholesterol, free fatty acids, and insulin.
  • Studies done on lab mice showed that the mice stopped gaining weight after 12 days of being injected with this drug. Also, their glucose levels and insulin tolerance were not affected.

Lowers Blood Cholesterol

  • Mice injected with SR9000 reduced both triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the body. A scientific study carried on mice to mimic the human fat-like profile found that after using the drug for 8 weeks, saw the mice reduce cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. However, HDL cholesterol remains the same.

Boost Endurance

  • You should note that Stenabolic increases the number of mitochondria. In this way, it helps improve the user’s endurance level. Studies revealed that it increases endurance within a month of intake. The evidence suggests that you can run long distances for an extended period.
  • Also, the research indicates that SR9009 represses autophagy genes that lead to increasing mitochondria in muscle cells. Using this drug feels like changing a V4 engine to the V8 engine in a vehicle.

Decrease Inflammation

  • The fact that it can drastically reduce the production of TNF-alpha; it helps reduce lung inflammation. Also, it thwarts the production of the inflammation molecules in nerve cells.

Protects You from Heart Disease

  • Stenabolic was given to modified mice that had hardened arteries for 8 weeks. During the trial period, they monitored reduced blood vessels lesions.
  • This is the case that they had the same blood fat levels while maintaining their food intake and body weight.

If you take SR9009 for 30 days, it will prove to be quite beneficial for heart function. It was also found to reduce heart weight and size because of induced heart growth. The results happen without affecting the blood pressure level.

Gives You Energy

  • As noted above, SR9009 affects the REV-ERB cycles that affect the sleep-wake patterns. However, this will last for about 12 hours after using the supplement. Surprisingly, when mice were injected at night, it did not show any effect.
  • When it was injected during the daytime, it showed increased activity and energy spikes. This means that the drug affects the sleep and waking cycles. This makes it ideal for shift workers and frequent travelers who want to ward off sleep.

treat Anxiety

  • When mice were injected twice with the drug for 10 days, they reduced their anxiety levels. Therefore, it can be used to treat people suffering from anxiety.

Side Effects

As by now, there are no side effects identified. It is right to say that this supplement is quite safe to say that it is safe to consume. This is because it does not affect hormones in any way. Therefore, it cannot aromatize into estrogen and cannot suppress testosterone levels. Also, it does not harm your liver.

  • It is advisable to use it in combination with supplements that support the liver. However, there have been some reported cases of insomnia.
  • If you discover anything wrong with Stenabolic, you need to stop using it. It is advisable to seek the help of your doctor.
  • After using the drug, it is not necessary to run a Post Cycle Therapy or PCT. This is because it is not a hormone but a protein. However, if you are stacking it with steroids or other supplements, then PCT is necessary. Inclusion of such supplements will make it essential to use a PCT.


If you are using steroids like Trenbolone, you can add this drug to the existing stack. You can also use it as you like. Recent studies show that it mixes well with other steroids without causing any side effects.

  • So far, there is no correct human dosage established. Therefore, we have researched various forums to find suggested dosages. Most users are recommending 20 to 30 mg per day.
  • However, some users have expanded to 40 mg per day. Remember that dosage depends on how the body reacts to the chemical and your fitness goals.
  • It is advisable to cycle the drug for at least 8 weeks and then 8 weeks off. In this way, you avoid building a tolerance to the drug. You should avoid exceeding 12-week usage. It is a good idea to take some weeks off.

half life of sr9009

  • Stenabolic has a half-life that is estimated to be about four hours. Therefore, you need to space out your dosage throughout the day. For instance, if your dosage is 40 mg per day, you should take 10 mg every four hours.
  • If you find it bothersome, then you should use it at least one hour to your physical training. These include sex, weight training, and cardio. For most users, this makes sense rather than spacing it throughout the day. You should note that Stenabolic has an active life within 2 hours of using it. After this, it leaves the system.
  • Stenabolic blends perfectly with the existing steroid or stack cycle. Remember that this compound does not influence hormones. Thus, it will not break up or down into estrogen that may result in breast development.

As noted above, you can stack SR9009 with other diet supplements to increase the pace of achieving your fitness goals. However, you ought to be very careful to avoid overdosing by mistake. For instance, you can use these supplements such as Winstrol, Cardarine, and Equipoise. It can also be stacked with SARMS.

Bottom Line

Although there are skeptics who think that SR9009 is not suitable for health and it can be dangerous, at the very base, this is a performance-enhancing protein that is better as compared to taking the anabolic steroids.

The truth is that this is a powerful supplement for bodybuilding and weight loss. Its effects can range from fat loss to endurance to post-workout regeneration, and reduced cholesterol levels. Most users have found this drug quite helpful.

It does not matter whether you are an average person, bodybuilder, or professional athlete; you should consider having Stenabolic in your fitness locker. The good thing about this drug is that it does not have any known side effects; it is safe to use. Like most supplements, the key lies in using it correctly.

You have to remember that SR9009 is a drug and should not be abused. Given that this drug is still under research, we recommend to only starting using it after carrying out thorough research.

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