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SARMs4you is the number one supplier of SARMs. Providing customers with high-quality products, they have come into the market to solve the problem of low quality, underdosed SARMs at high prices. SARMs4you has come into the market to solve the problem of low quality and high prices in the industry. Their online presence has raised the bar for quality SARMs products. They provide third-party testing of each batch of products before it is sold. Offering products in capsule and powder form, they are able to ship their products to customers worldwide and offer free shipping on orders over $120. They have established an edge by selling high-quality products that follow strict testing guidelines.

As with any company, there are some good features and some not so good features. One of the many benefits is the shipping process. The ordering process is quite seamless. As you proceed through the process, they allow you to login in as a returning user or as a guest. They do ship internationally and offer free standard shipping in the United States. Their products are versatile in that they come in capsules and powder form. Some of the challenges they face are some customer reviews that have indicated some adverse side effects as a result of the use of their product. Some reviews have stated that the use of some of the products don’t yield the results as they are mentioned on the website.

SARMs the pros and cons.

Bodybuilding supplements have a level of risks that are inherent with the use of the products. There are benefits that are included with SARMs.

  • It is a powerful agent to grow muscle mass.
  • As a result of an increase in muscle strength, you’re less likely to incur injuries during your workout.
  • There are minimal side effects that are less than those included with regular steroids.
  • The product is readily available online and can be reviewed for quality. Some of the disadvantages include the lack of approval by the FDA and due to its popularity, there is limited availability.

Product quality and policies

sarms4you Products


SARMs4you sells high-quality products that are tested to ensure purity.

  • All of their products have been verified through a third party, which insurers unbiased reviews and are accompanied by certificates of analysis for each product.
  • The online website gives a list of products that can be used to assist you in your bodybuilding routines.
  • With the wide variety of products that are available online, SARMs4you is sure to have the product you need to meet your workout needs.
  • There’s never a need to question the quality of their products. With a simple request, you will receive a message directly from the company that provides you the report for each of the products that they sell.

Customer support

The SARMs4you provides a wealth of information on the products they provide along with information on how to reach them if needed.

  • The frequently asked questions section of the website has general questions that can help guide you with any questions pertaining to their products or services.
  • In addition to answers to frequently asked questions, they provide contact information so that you can reach them easily with any additional questions that you have.
  • By filling in your name, email and a short message, you can send them an inquiry and they will respond with the answers that are appropriate to meet your needs.

Discounts and rewards

With this company, the more products you purchase the less you pay per item.

  • For example, their MK-2866 (Ostarine) offers a discount per item when you purchase 2 or more of this product. The regular price of this product is $54.95 per unit.
  • If however, you order 4 units of the same product, you would pay $44.95 per unit. If you have a coupon code, you can apply that code for additional discounts during the checkout process.

Website usability


The overall layout is simple and eye-catching. The layout offers general information on the homepage, product information on the product page and contact information on the contact page.

  • The frequently asked questions are included on the contact page along with the ability to submit inquiries using their online submission form.
  • On the homepage, the products are flagged to indicate if a product is listed at the best price or if it is a best-selling product.
  • Products that are flagged on the homepage give you a quick overview of products that are the most popular or for products that are price to give you the best value.

Shipping policy

Shipping for their services includes standard free shipping in the United States. If you’re purchasing products over $120, you would be eligible for free shipping worldwide.

  • They also have standard shipping that starts at $10.99 and expedited shipping at $21.99. Both shipping methods are US rates. They do offer worldwide delivery and same-day shipping. With a seamless checkout process, selecting your shipping rates is easy.
  • During the checkout process, you are asked to log in if you are a returning customer or if you have any discount coupons you would be prompted to enter the discount coupon information on the same screen.
  • After you’ve entered the information, you would enter your billing details including your first and last name and shipping address. An email address is required so they are able to provide you with the status of the products that are being shipped to you.

If you have any special instructions, you can place that information in the order notes section. On the checkout screen, they allow you different payment methods which include a

  • credit card,
  • Bancontact,
  • Bitcoin
  • and other payment methods.

After you click the box to read and agree to the terms and conditions, then you are set to place your order. Overall, the ordering process for their website is self-explanatory.

Customer reviews

The customer reviews for SARMs4you seem to be pretty good.

  • As indicated with a quick online search, it appears they have a customer rating that ranges from 4 stars to 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars total.
  • Some of the review comments can support the fact that this company is a legitimate company. Most of the comments come from customers who are repeat users of the products.
  • With an overall excellent rating of 62%, most comments support statements from the website that include fast shipping and good packaging of materials.
  • One comment reflects that this is the best service and best quality product and offers discreet and proper communication. Even though they have a 62% rating for excellent comments, only a fraction of the comments is poor comments that relate to tracking issues.

Status of the vendor

Overall, customers want to know if the vendors they are dealing with are legitimate. Based on the information that is presented on their website and information presented and numerous online searches, SARMs4you seems to be a very legitimate company. They offer discounts on the products they sell that include Black Friday sales of up to 30% off of everything in their inventory.

  • Comments on different sites reveal that the products customers have purchased have yielded great results with no side effects. Many customers have gone as far as to list specific products they have purchased in the past. The fact that the company offers third-party unbiased testing of their products is another supporting factor that this company is legitimate.
  • Ultimately, the reviews on the internet searches along with the information on the website seem to be pretty consistent and show this company offers a solid product at a fair price with fast worldwide delivery.

As mentioned earlier, SARMs4you is a legitimate company offering high-quality products for consumers wishing to build muscles and maintain a muscular physique. Their website offers a wealth of information that can guide you to products or contact information.

SARMs Formula

  • Once you have selected a product on their website, you are able to read an extensive detailed list of benefits and features of each product. This information is helpful in assisting any customer to select a product that is best for them. If you are in doubt, you are able to reach out to them via their online submission form.
  • They make it super easy for you to order their products by offering a variety of ways to pay for the products. From a credit card to Bitcoin, you are able to easily make payments of products that you wish to purchase.
  • In addition to the easy product ordering, you are able to get discounts on products when you purchase more than one product. Overall, website usability makes it easy for prospective customers to purchase the items they desire.
  • They offer a reduction in the price per unit when you make a purchase of 2 or more items. This coupled with the high reviews of the products online, makes this company a great company for SARM products.

When you are looking for a product as important as a supplement, it is important to do your homework before you make a purchase. You want to know that the company you are doing business with is legitimate and can be easily reached when questions arise. SARMs4you is a company that has built trust and a great reputation with many customers and has a large number of repeat customers, which is an indication that this company provides great service on a consistent basis. The service provided along with the high-quality products makes this a company you can feel comfortable doing business with.

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