SARMs For Women That Work Wonders In Women Users

Who said that women couldn’t use SARMs? Female bodybuilders are already using SARMs to elevate their physique. SARMs are a superior alternative to hardcore muscle supplements. They are useful for fat burning too.

Moreover, they can be utilized to increase and retain muscle growth. In hindsight, SARMS are a non-toxic option for women who want to achieve their dream body. In this article, we’ll highlight the recommended dosage, best SARMs stacks for women, probable side effects, and a lot more.

Why SARMs Are the Best Option

Before the introduction of SARMS, women shied off from purchasing weight loss and muscle-boosting components. And to some extent, they were justified. Compared to Steroids and Prohormones, SARMs are unique. They selectively attach themselves to androgen receptors in the body without interfering with the normal functioning of any internal organ.

According to Dr. James Dalton of the University of Michigan, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) drugs have been shown to build muscle strength and lean mass. What’s more, they are different from the typical androgenic components in that they can stimulate bone growth with far minimal prostatic effects.

SARMs For Women

Steroids can cause a myriad of side effects as opposed to SARMS. They can result in a deepening of the voice, mood changes, stomach pain, menstrual cycle interference, and other adverse effects. What’s scarier is that these side effects are amplified in women since they are more susceptible to testosterone (male hormone).

Prohormones, on the other hand, are a less-intensive version of Steroids, but carry almost similar side effects. As is the case with Steroids, Prohormones also puts a woman’s health status in jeopardy because they get to experience pronounced testosterone effects.

Among all muscle supplements in the market today, SARMS are head and shoulders above. They are a safer choice of androgen drugs. Researchers in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry commented that SARMs have “efficiently revived an almost futile search for improved androgens.” With SARMS, women are less likely to suffer from aggravated hair growth, increased clitoral size, and acne.

SARMS Dosing & Cycle for Women

Owing to their smaller frames and weight, women don’t need as many dosages of SARMs as men. Generally, women can do with just half the dosage that men take. The best SARMs dosage depends on a variety of factors. Above all, women should always settle for the lesser dosage irrespective of the SARM drug in question.

If a man takes a 30mg dosage of Ostarine in a day, women should aim for 15mg or lower. In this case, the appropriate dosage would be 10mg. That way, no side effects will occur.

Medics recommend that a normal SARM cycle doesn’t exceed four weeks. It is evidenced by women’s vulnerability to SARMS’s mere power, pushing the intake further than a month can be catastrophic. Perhaps that’s an easy explanation as to why female bodies can’t resist bone stress and muscle tears.

Best SARM Stacks for women

There are many female SARM Stacks available in the market today. Only three make the cut for being the best SARM stacks. The first is the mixture of Cardarine and Ostarine, but is it the best?

The mixture of Cardarine and Ostarine will help any female shed off weight, attain lean muscles, and enable the body to burn fat quickly. For starters, women should take not more than 10mg of Ostarine and 10mg of Cardarine in a day. The two should be taken as a mixture and at one go. The dosing cycle shouldn’t exceed four weeks. If the dosage is applied correctly, no PCT is needed. Beginners can try this stack to enhance their physique quickly, given the extra energy boost by Cardarine.


  • The other stack that has good results contains Andarine, Ostarine, and Cardarine components.
  • This stack is not recommended for newbies. It suits those women who’ve undergone a few SARMs cycles and are accustomed to varying dosages.
  • The last stack on the list includes the Andarine and Ostarine combination. It is particularly helpful in building lean muscle.

The following tables depict recommended SARMS stacks dosages:


         WEEK 1        WEEK 2         WEEK 3          WEEK 4
             Ostarine            10mg          20mg           30mg           30mg
            Cardarine            10mg          20mg          20mg           20mg


         WEEK 1           WEEK 2          WEEK 3           WEEK 4
               Ostarine           20mg            20mg           20mg             20mg
              Cardarine           30mg            30mg           30mg             30mg
              Andarine          50mg           50mg           50mg             50mg

Best Individual SARMs Stacks for Women

When it comes to individual stacks, Cardarine eclipses the rest quite quickly. It has zero side effects on the female body and brings along plenty of other benefits.

  • Cardarine is suitable for an energy boost.
  • It gives women the much-needed stamina and zest to tackle other tasks outside the gym.
  • Studies show that women who utilize Cardarine are more likely to work for long hours of the day as opposed to before indulging in the compound.

What’s more, female users of Cardarine attest to its safety and non-toxicity. The compound goes easy on body tissues and will not inflict any pain upon intake.

Most Popular SARMs

Which SARMS are the Most Popular?

The most preferred SARMS used by women bodybuilders are those that are fitness-oriented. They include:

However, women should look out for those SARMs that are mainly composed of Cardarine so that premium results can be achieved.

Studies indicate that the most popular SARMS are taken in dosages of 5mg per day, depending on the tolerance and fitness levels of the female user. Beginners should always start with the 5mg/day dosage. For S4, the dosage should be 25mg for females.

Which SARMS Should Women Avoid?

Some SARMS are tailored for men, which means that they can be tough on the female body. The more harsh SARMS like YK-11 should be avoided at all costs. Non-mild SARMs will potentially cause virilization effects for women users.

Final Thoughts

The intake of SARMS is on the rise, and women are right in the mix. The best SARMS for women are those that are mild. They should be taken in the proper dosages to avoid adverse long-term effects. While some stacks are better than others, women should first establish which individual stacks work best for them. All in all, women should go for Cardarine stack, which has the best all-round SARMs attributes

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