SARMLabz: Are They Worth Your Dime When Shopping For Sarms?

You are on your 50th SARMs website. It almost feels like Déjà vu because every one of those sites irks with negative public comments about a fake product. Or about a SARM that causes adverse side effects. Something doesn’t quite add up. Nowadays, getting access to legit SARMS worth your money and time sounds like too much to ask.

However, before you throw in the towel, let’s evaluate one last option- SARMLabz. Let me take you on a roller coaster, and together, delve into the very questions that itch your soul. Where do we start?

Who is Sarmlabz?

Sarmlabz is a renowned online SARMs vendor. We perused through their site and couldn’t help but notice online publications that serve as evidence of their products’ legitimacy.

Sarmlabz vendor

  • In terms of product variety, Sarmlabz is unrivaled. They have a rich list of SARM products capable of meeting all of your needs. On top of the typical SARMs such as Andarine S4 and Lingadrol LGD 4033, the vendor provides Post Cycle Therapy products.

These products exist as stacks in potent combinations of Laxogenin and Arimistane, which you can purchase in varying proportions in either liquid or tablet forms. Some of their top-performing SARMs include.

Product Quality

Sarmlabz is a transparent SARMs vendor if their third-party test results posted online are anything to trust. More often than not, they seek to clarify to their customer base about validity concerns facing any of their products. If a product receives a string of negative online reviews, they’ll honorably strip it off their online sale section.

Customer Support

The company profiles itself as one with highly-trained, highly-competent staff that are capable of handling any of your queries, complaints, or orders. Their online section advises anyone seeking to directly reach them, to do so through the following contacts:

  • Direct phone call: (407) 634-6650
  • Email:
  • Physical Location: P.O. BOX 17868, Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32246

Website Usability

If you have just come across the Sarmlabz website for the first time, you can attest to its simplicity and navigability. The home page sale section contains a list of featured SARMs, with their leading products appearing in the topmost part of the site.

  • However, the drop-down menu on the top-left corner of the site encompasses only a few key aspects. There’s no section about FAQs, which is worrying. Are they trying to hide something?
  • Any typical vendor that has an online presence should put up a series of simple FAQs representing a horde of typical questions posed by the public. We couldn’t help but wonder about the incompetence of the Sarmlabz I.T. team.

Moreover, some links are total shrieks. For example, you hit the ‘fast shipping’ link, and you are oriented to a page that says nothing about fast shipping.

Shipping Policy

Sarmlabz will ship products to your exact location.

  • They offer exclusive shipping to anyone in the USA or anywhere around the world.
  • Their free shipping policy only applies to those that reside in the U.S.
  • Shipping fees will apply for orders outside the U.S.

Return and Refund Policy

Sarmlabz return and exchange policy dictate the following:

SARMLabz products

  • You will not return any product that has already been delivered. You can only return a product when en route or before it gets shipped. Once you receive the order, Sarmlabz will not be liable to receive it regardless of the circumstances.
  • What’s more, returns will stand for a refund only when they are unwrapped, unused, or unembossed. And this applies to a particular set of SARMs only- SARMs in liquid or solution form will not be accepted upon return.

Customer Reviews

Sarmlabz has an excellent score of over 80% in regards to customer satisfaction. Foremost, it is easy to shop around their sale section. You will quickly navigate their site and seamlessly add items to the cart when shopping. Order clearance is equally as fast.

  • Most customers have also credited the vendor for the timely shipping of products. You will not have to wait a decade for your order to materialize. In case of any delay in shipping, it is quickly resolved.
  • Additionally, customers have heaped praise on the site’s ridiculous discount offers. You will get enticing deals when you join their VIP newsletter reward program or when you peruse through SARMs stacks on their sale section. What’s more, there’s no limit to what you can purchase. Shipping within the U.S. is free too, and that’s a good incentive.
  • Customers have also hailed the vendor’s 24-hour customer support. Sarmlabz has lined up a dedicated team of on-call personnel who are well-versed and coached to tackle any customer inquiry.

However, one standout drawback taints Sarmlabz review amongst customers. The website lacks key usability requirements. Some customers have raised a complaint about how the site is poorly structured. It is not user-friendly and misses out on basic HTML and CSS tags.

Discounts and Reward Programs

Driven by the goal of providing quality SARMs at a pocket-friendly price, Sarmlabz offers an array of discounts when you shop from them.

  • The vendor gives you saving opportunities when you purchase products in bulk.
  • You can save up to 40% when you buy SARMs in upwards of 3 bottles. Therefore, you can get one or two extra bottles for free.
  • You will also save more when you join the Sarmlabz VIP newsletter program. I feel that this program is a little overrated, but the site claims that you will get 15% chopped off your next purchase if you join via email.

We recommend that you keep visiting for time-limited offers that will surely help you save big.

Sarms Pack

Legit Status of vendor

We feel that Sarmlabz has done quite a pretty good job to market, advertise, and sell its products on the web. Evidenced by excellent reviews, you can tell that most customers are satisfied by the quality of products and services offered by Sarmlabz. We would legitimately give it an 8 out of 10, with a few areas that can be rectified. Website navigability is one such concern and should be tackled with immediacy.

Wrapping Up

Sarmlabz sure does know how to entice customers. They post eye-catching deals on their website occasionally, and you can be sure that your craving for quality SARMs will only be spiced from the onset.

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