Proven Peptides – USA Company Offers Free shipping Orders of $75+

Proven Peptides is a place that people hear a lot about but do not look into. The reason is that people look at things like SARMs, see that it is new and is turned off from the company because of the fact companies like these tend to hide things. However, this company is not like that and this is will show why.

Who are they?

Proven Peptides is a SARM company that when you first arrive at their website you will quickly learn that they are very proud of the quality that they hold when it comes to their products. They test all of their products in the labs and then the results that they get the post so that everything they do is transparent and easily accessible by the public.

  • This is something that sets them apart from the other companies that flat out refuse to post their results for people to see. Proven Peptides states on their page that they are out to make sure that their customers get the best and purest SARMs on the market today.
  • If there is ever a question on the idea that your batch is not the purest you can give the company’s lab a call for yourself and get a verification of the purity of every batch that they make.

Proven Peptides products

 Legit Status

There should not be a question on whether or not Proven Peptides is legit. They have so many notable aspects to the company that does give them a leg up on being legit over most other places in the market of SARMs.

  • Some of the more notable aspects are their mission to give safe and well-tested SARMs, they offer full money-back guarantees, they are based in Florida so they are a USA company, there is free shipping on all orders that are $75 or more with a quick one day handling period after paid, and finally, the products all hold a 3rd party analysis certificate.
  • This makes them one of the most legit SARMS companies on the market. So, with all of that information, there should not be a doubt in anyone’s mind that the SARMs they provide are the purest and most tested out there.


Proven Peptides have one of the biggest and best selections of SARMs that you can find by far when it comes to the online retailers. Not only that but like I said before they have the purest forms of SARMs that you can find which is backed up by the testing that they have on their website. They come in 3 different sizes so that you can find the perfect amount that you need for something like a stack or a cycle. The product list that they have is a long one, so I am going to list all of them but only go into detail of a few.

Products they sell:

When it comes to all of the products that you can get from above there are 3 sizes that they can come in. The first one is a 15ml bottle and that goes for around $35, then you have to 30ml which goes for slightly more, and then the third bottles go for $140 and that is the 60ml bottle.

Product Quality

The results that you can find on the internet for these products all state that they were either blown away or amazed at the results that they got from these. They are safe, work well and work fast. So, if time is something that you are hoping is not a big factor to them these products will be for you.

  • The other thing is that they are very safe to use. You do not have to worry about them losing suspension because they keep the compounds in liquid form to keep them from going bad before you can use them. They do not need any extra done to them and they do not need to be heated up at all to stabilize them.
  • This is the biggest factor that you want to look for when you are buying SARMs from somewhere.

Promotions and Discounts

Now a lot of people that are frugal or just really need to save a lot of money but want to try these are going to ask if there is any promotion or deals on their items.

  • The answer to that question is yes. They have a program for people known as Peptide Points. This is something that when you make a purchase you get a set of points. This is something that you can build up over time to get discounts on products to form their website.
  • They have other coupon codes that you can use but honestly, their point system works better. There are coupons that you can use all the time, but they go away after a while and your points are there to stay all the time. They do not expire, and they have fewer rules you have to follow overusing coupons.

Website Usability

The Proven Peptide website is simple to use and find your way around in. It is made so that even the people who have a hard time navigating regular websites can find their way around it with ease. Even someone who does not know how to use a computer or electronics will be able to find their way around the website. Their website has a simple drop-down menu.Review Ostarine


  • The drop-down menu consists of links for buying SARMs, why you should buy from them, proven points, frequently asked questions, how to contact them, and a quick link to the cart when browsing the website. When you click on the link for Shop SARMs that has a list of all the type of SARMs that they sell and if you click on each one it brings you directly to where you can add them to your cart and read descriptions on each one of them.
  • Then if you click on the Why Us link it shows you exactly why people buy from them and this is also where you can go to view all of the information on all of the lab tests that they do to them. Then you have the Proven points section. In this section, you can view all the information on their points reward program.
  • When you make a purchase, you order you get 1 point per dollar spent, as you accumulate points they add up to dollars. If you have 10 points, then you earn $1. For example, if you spend $100 you will get 100 points. So next time you go to make a purchase you get 10 dollars off if you choose. When you first sign up for an account you can earn 10 points which is your first dollar. This is a pretty sweet deal for anyone that is looking to save money.
  • The next thing on the drop-down menu is going to be the FAQ. This is the place that you will go if you are looking for more information on something you have questions about. This is where they will post the questions that they get the most. After that, they have the contact button.
  • If you click on this button it will then bring you to a page where you can send them an email, call them to talk to a person about your questions at (910) 595- 2077 as well, and even fill out a form and just hit send message if you have stuff that you have to get done.
  • They are good at responding and answering any questions that you have about their products. The best thing about this company is that they are always going to be open and honest about what is going on with their products.


Best Sarms for cutting

There are so many good things that have been said about the company and all of them are true. However, if you want to read more about them go to their website or even check out some of their reviews. They give some really good information and reviews on the product as well. There are so many good reviews out there that it is impossible to not want to try them out for yourself. I highly recommend that you go through their FAQ page before buying anything first.

If you still have questions after that then do not hesitate to call them. You can speak with someone about how they work, what your goal is when using them. Once they know that they can help you put together a plan and list of SARMs for you to try so that you are not just spending money blindly in the dark until something seems like it is working. None of their products have over the top information and promises that are not true. So, when you are looking you know that you are getting the correct information and there are no lies with them.

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