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Esarms is a company that sells SARMs for pharmaceutical research purposes only. They are one of the SARM businesses out there that claim to be the #1 company to buy the products for your researcher need. Just like with the other companies they are not allowed to be consumed by humans but are instead supposed to be used solely for research purposes.


All of the products sold on this site are listed right on the home page so that you do not have to go hunting for them. When it comes to their products, they are created and sold both in pill and liquid form. When you are looking for them, they have descriptions using the words

The cutting type is made to be done in weeks. Every week you up the dose to watch how they work. Then you have the bulking which is for things like building muscle quickly and those are a different mixture of pills and liquids put together. They have different programs that you can follow so if you are just starting in the SARM world then you are not just running through it blindly. You have something to follow so you do not end up taking to much or too little. This will help make sure that the proper dose is being given.

Website Usability

Their website is very easy to maneuver. They have very specific links to get you where you need to go without having to look all over the place. The only ads that you see are for the promotions that they are running at the time. So, everything on the page has everything to do with what you are shopping for at the time, instead of confusing you with ads that take you to other pages and places.

  • I enjoy that their page is colorful but not hard to read. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, they have important information links that you can follow including a link to frequently asked questions that they get all the time.
  • This is a really good thing because you do not have to try to contact them every time you have a question you can just get answers through this page.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • Website is easy to use
  • All the products are separated into categories to be easier to find.
  • They have deals going on at all times, which can be helpful to those just starting or who are on a budget.
  • They are McAfee Secure, so you do not have to worry about people getting your information.


  • Even with some of the deals, they can be very expensive.
  • Their descriptions of the products are a little lacking in how they each individually work.
  • Bundle Deals are harder to understand what they are designed for because they just list the products.

Promotions and Deals

There are a few promotions and deals that seem to be on the site at all times. The first on is their stack deals. This is where you can get a bunch of the product for a discounted price. This works well if you have a specific time frame that you are wanting to stick to when you go to buy these.

  • Then the have a 35% off deal on certain ones. This can come in handy if you are just trying it out for the first time and do not want to put all of the money that they cost into them right away. Then they have a buy 2 get 1 free deal on almost all of their products.
  • So, if you were to buy 2 of the same things you could get another one of the same sizes for free. On top of that, you can also get one 40% off and buy 3 get 2 free.
  • So, whatever type of thing that you are looking for there is a deal that you can get on it. Just make sure that you are doing your research and sticking to the ones that you need for the things that you want to do with them.

Customer Support

They seem to have really good customer support and even have a list of questions on their page about returns. This will start there, the first question they have is if the person has opened their bottle how do they return them?

  • However, because of their business, they cannot accept any bottles for refunds that have been opened to protect other customers as well as you. If you have unopened bottles then they accept those for returns as long as it has been no more than 3 days past the date that you received your order.
  • The return process can be started by emailing
  • Then they may also charge a 25% restocking fee for those that did not attempt to use it at all. So, they recommend that unless you know that you are going to use it then do not order at all to avoid losing out on money. If you have other questions that are not answered by their shipping question, FAQs, and their Return question pages then you and go to the help link, fill out a form with your issues.
  • They will receive the form and contact you within 12 to 24 business hours with the answers that you are looking for. So, they have a really thorough help system so that none of your concerns go unanswered at all.

12 week bulking stack

Shipping Policy

They have a limited range of places that they can ship to but that is ok because they are focused on giving you the best product possible.

  • They ship only to the US and Canada. This is because it can become very expensive to ship to places other than these, especially if you are a US-based company.
  • Then for the shipping, it does vary between the US and Canada. For the US, it takes 24 hours to pack the order once it is placed, then it takes another 1 or 2 days for them to get it to the post office.
  • Once it reaches the post it takes about 1 day to sort and ship from there. After that, it is sent out via USPS priority mail which can take another 3 to 6 days for delivery.
  • Now, this does not include weekends because those are not business days. So, for the US it can take from 6-12 business days to arrive at your door once the order has been placed.
  • For Canada, it can take them 1 to 2 days to pack your order, then another 2-3 days to get it to the post office. After this, it will often take the post another 2 to 3 days to sort it and ship it out.
  • Then USPS international priority mail takes another 12 to 20 days for the package to arrive at you. So, for Canada, it can take 17 to 28 days to arrive at your door.


When you look up reviews of Esarms, they are all good ones. They are complemented on everything from the website to how helpful they are if you go to you will see things like

“I would give the website an above-average score”


“It is still very well laid out so that you can get everything you need in a convenient way”.

So, when reviews like this are a majority of what you find, it does reflect very well on the company. Obviously, with any company, you should away do your research first before buying from them. This is especially true for companies that you have never purchased from before. This website comes highly recommended from a lot of sources that say they are very comfortable with stating the fact that they would tell the people around them that they would always recommend purchasing from this website.

Sarms For sale


The final thoughts on this company are that they have a well-done page that is easy to follow. It works well for people that are just starting in the SARMs world and do not know exactly what they are looking for. They give resources for where to go to find out more information on their website. Then they make sure that they have pages that answer as many questions as they possibly can about their products, shipping, returns and more. Then if this is not enough, they have a page to contact them with more questions. They are on the more expensive side, but they offer really good deals which is something that not a lot of people who charge that much for something do much anymore.

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