Enhanced Athlete Review & Best Products Guide

Enhanced Athlete Introduction

In bodybuilding, there is a term called stacking. Stacking is when you mix a perfect concoction of supplements to get the best results possible in your weight lifting. Extreme bodybuilders use stacking to increase muscle mass and help reduce the chance of injury. You can consult a dietitian or athletic dietitian to help you create the perfect stack. Enhanced.com is a company that offers perfect stacks for bodybuilders. They market their products as stacking kits. Enhanced has a long history of creating new and better markets for the bodybuilding industry.

Who are they?

Enhanced Athlete are bodybuilding and athletic supplement company. They have products for all types of bodybuilding goals. They range from products for recovery all the way to fat burning and muscle building. Their products are offered at great prices. The difference between Enhanced and other companies is that their products are built for the bodybuilder. They taste good and they are dosed for someone looking to build muscle. Not just the average person who wants to lose a little weight and get in shape. If you are planning on participating in Worlds Strongest Man Competitions, then they are the company with the products for you.

  • Enhanced company is a mixture of bodybuilders and chemists that work together to come out with the newest and best products. They hope to always stay on the front lines of new products. Their goal is to renovate the bodybuilding industry and create newer and better products. They create a product for the hardest core bodybuilders.

Pro’s & Con’s of Enhanced Athlete Vendor


  • High-quality products
  • Products that taste good
  • Highly formulated
  • Sold worldwide
  • Great Discounts and frequent purchase perks


  • Company has been in legal trouble
  • Only formulated for extreme bodybuilders and men

Products and Policies

Enhanced Athlete Products

Currently, their most popular product is the Rage Pump line. For about two hundred dollars you can get the entire line of the Get Huge products. All the products in this line are FDA inspected and approved. In this line is the Anabolic IV, Phytodren, Arachidonic acid, Rage Pump and Slin.

  • Anabolic IV: filled with Amino acids, nitric acid, B vitamins, and electrolytes. All of these mixed together is a great blend for fat oxidation.
  • Phytodren: natural steroids for maximum muscle build. It also increases protein synthesis.
  • Arachidonic Acid: a crucial piece of muscle rebuilding. Perfect for post-workout muscle rebuilding.
  • Rage Pump: The pre-workout mixture to provide you with the energy and focus needed to make it through a tough workout.
  • Slin: Puts carbs to use to build muscle and decrease body fat.
  • Black Ox: The black ox is an additive with extra testosterone. The extra testosterone is part of a stack that gives you extra energy and muscle tone.

The products merge well with a day that starts with a morning dose of Phytrodol and Anabolic IV. Then a pre-workout of Arachidonic acid and Rage pump. Then during the workout another dose of Anabolic IV. Then a post-workout dose of Phyto Drol and end the day with a high carb meal and Slin.

  • Those are the main products in the popular Rage Pump line. There are a few other stacks that contain those same products. They just use them in different formulations or different times of the day. The way you use the supplements can vary based on what you are trying to achieve.
  • There are many other products that they offer as part of the Rage Pump line and other stacks that you can add to your stack depending on what your goals are. There is also a very popular Sleep Juice product that helps your body build muscle tone and strengthen even in sleep. Resting your body can be one of the most important parts of your muscle-building experience.

Along with their supplements line, they also have a few great lines of gear. They have a great line of work out shirts and shorts. No one knows the struggle of an arm of a t-shirt not being wide enough like a bodybuilder knows. So they have specific lines of bodybuilding wear for men and women. That way there is no more trouble with having too narrow arms. So get on their website and get a new outfit for working out along with a new round of supplements. Being an Enhanced Athlete is something to be proud of.

Product Quality

The FDA has studied and approved all of the Enhanced products. Almost 100 percent of reviewers claim that their products are great and high quality. They claim that they have better quality and newer blends than their counterparts. They even have a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their products.

Customer Support

They have a great customer support phone line that you can call if you have any questions. They also can help you if you have any problems with your order. They also have a chat and email line if that would be more convenient. They can help you with everything from learning about a certain product to order and product problems.

Discounts / Rewards Program

They are consistently offering great discounts and rewards programs. Currently, right now they are offering a Rage pump program discount. They are having a three-day flash sale of 15 percent off their newest program, Rage Pump. They are constantly doing sales like this one.

They also have a stack and save the program. The more you buy the more money you save. Along with that, they have a money-back guarantee. So if you are unsatisfied with any of their products they will return your money.

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Website usability

Their website is great. It is not too wordy but also has all the needed information. The tabs along the top are convenient and have all the needed information. Along with the top tabs is a supplements tab, gear tab, tab that explains the difference between their products and competitors and a tab about the company.

  • They also have a large presence on social media. Their founders and spokesmen are always traveling and posting new YouTube, Facebook and Instagram videos. They are talking about traveling, new products and new ways to stack. Follow them on social media if you are interested in learning new things about Enhanced products.

Shipping Policies

The shipping policies are wonderful. They have free shipping worldwide. They have free shipping on a United States order and free shipping on all worldwide orders over 169 dollars. You have to spend 169 orders on worldwide orders because shipping is too expensive worldwide. They would lose money if they didn’t have a minimum. However, their stacks are so great and worth it to spend more. It is not hard to come up with 169 dollars worth of product if you are stacking right.

Return and Refund Policies

They have free return and refund policies. They also have no questions asked for a money-back guarantee. If for some reason you are unhappy with your supplements you can easily get your money back. If you need to return the product they will send you a label so that you don’t have to spend any money on shipping.

Customers Saying about this vendor ( customer reviews)

Nearly all the reviews currently on the internet about Enhanced are good. Most of the reviewers are saying that they had mind-blowing results after stacking Enhanced products. However, the only negative reviews that have been seen are reviewers claiming Enhanced was too much. They said that Enhanced made them sick or made them feel like their heart was going to explode.’ It is important to remember that enhanced products are for hardcore bodybuilders to create stacks. You should not start an Enhanced regime unless you are under the counsel of a bodybuilder dietitian or know what you are doing.

Legit status of vendor

In 2018, Dr. Tony Huge went under scrutiny for selling SARMs. SARMS are an injection of amino acids to help with muscle and tendon recovery. They are very controversial and can be dangerous. Although, the company made it through this scandal and has since cut ties with the people behind the issue.

Body Mass Goal

Despite some legal trouble that they found themselves in, the company is very legitimate. They have been around for quite some time. They are even FDA approved. Although their products are for a very specific person, their product is legitimate and most reviewers rave that they work.


Overall, Enhanced appears to be a legitimate and long-living company. They seem to create and sell great products and have a great history. After pushing through some legal trouble and recreating their company, it looks like they are going to be successful and strong. Most reviewers would recommend and they currently have some great stacks on the market. So if you are looking for a great way to create new stacks and have a stronger bodybuilding game, Enhanced is for you.

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