ELV Bioscience Guarantees You Top Notch Sarms Quality & Services

Who are ELV Bioscience, and when was it established?

This company is a vendor in the research chemical market, a market that has seen rapid expansion over the last couple of years. The offices of this company are located in the United States, Arizona, and it was founded in 2018 and has quickly grown to become one of the most popular companies in this industry.

Ease of using this vendor’s website

This vendor’s website design and the presentation appears to be very dull as it incorporates only grey and white colors. The company should have instead opted for a site that is filled with more colors, as this would have made it unique and appealing compared to that of competitors.

ELV Bioscience

Nevertheless, navigating through the website is very easy, and on the homepage, it features a drop-down menu where you can access all the crucial links to other sections of the website. Furthermore, there is a particular page which only deals with a single product category, thereby ensuring your shopping experience is smooth and free of any incidents.

What products does this vendor have?

This company sells a broad range of products, including CBS oils, peptides, SERMS, botanicals, as well as SARMS, and this wide selection of items sets them apart from their competitors. The website is well-designed to make it easy for you to find any of these products, and this makes it easy for you when shopping.

However, SARMS are usually the most popular products sold by this vendor, and these products are similar across the board.

Some of the most common SARMS available for sale include;

Therefore, it evident that this company has an acceptable number of products to make sure that all your needs have been met.

Quality of products

ELV Bioscience states that it does comprehensive tests to make sure the potency, purity as well as the quality of its products meet the required standard and are made according to the strict procedures. Some of the tests carried out by their specialists include mass spectrometry as well as chromatography.

ELV Bioscience products


Moreover, they collaborate with third-party labs to confirm the test results. Whereas this appears quite impressive, all its competitors also claim to do the same, with the product quality remaining just as horrible. Therefore, it is somewhat hard to believe the statement by this vendor that its product quality is as they claim.

Payment Methods

ELV Bioscience accepts various methods of payment for the products they have on offer. However, finding the accepted payment options is usually quite challenging as there is no place indicated on the website that shows this information, but after continued searching, you will get the desired details.

  • When placing an order, you should first select the item you want and then complete a form stating the billing/shipping address as well as the desired quantity.
  • Consequently, you will be sent an electronic invoice to your email, where you can then choose the preferred payment method.
  • The accepted payment methods are credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin.
  • Nevertheless, the website does not provide you with specifics regarding which credits cards you can use, and this further makes the payment process long and confusing.

Available coupons

Are you looking to save some cash when buying products from this vendor? If so, you are out of luck as this company does not have any coupons to offer its new customers. This is quite weird, especially when you consider most sellers give first-time buyers a welcoming discount for the first order made. Additionally, discounts are also typically given when you sign up either through their newsletters or emails, but this vendor also lacks a newsletter to which you can subscribe.


Once you have placed an order, and the vendor confirms the funds have been received, the next step is the shipping of products. As a customer, you will undoubtedly want to have a clear timeline within which you will receive the bought goods. However, this is not possible as there is no page where you can get this crucial information about the approximate package arrival duration. Moreover, other details concerning shipping are only stated a few times. Instead, the only information you see is a single sentence that is in electronic order form saying shipping for US buyers is free.

Whereas ELV Bioscience ships its products globally, it expects you to first familiarize yourself with the restrictions laws in your country on its products.

Does this vendor have a return policy?

ELV Bioscience does not accept charge-backs, refunds, or returns because of the sensitive nature of the products which it sells. Therefore, in case you are experiencing any issue, simply contact the customer care, and they will try and resolve the matter. Additionally, by placing any charge-back, the vendor will ban you permanently from buying any of its products in the future.

best products

Customer Service

The customer service offered by this company is also not as reliable as you would expect, and this only makes it a less appealing option. This is despite having a dedicated section where they get to handle customer inquiries and concerns. When you experience an issue, there is an online form that you can fill where you can clearly explain your problem. However, you can never know when the customer service team will get back to you, and this only makes its service delivery more mysterious than ideal.

Advantages of ELV Bioscience

  • All its products go through a third-party testing
  • You have a broad range of SARMS options to choose from deepening on your preference
  • There is an SSL certificate

Disadvantages ELV Bioscience

  • You get no refunds and money-back guarantee
  • Its website is slower than usual and does not have enough links on it
  • The purity levels cannot be verified on their website


Having read through this article, you now have in-depth knowledge about ELV Bioscience as well as the products they sell. Furthermore, you also have an idea of the quality of its services, which is not that great. Therefore, if you are searching for a vendor who guarantees you top-notch quality of service and trustworthiness, then you need to look somewhere else.

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