Cardarine (GW501516) – Different Benefits Proven By Clinical Trials

Have you ever heard about Cardarine (GW501516)? Yes. Have you used it? Cardarine (GW501516) is becoming popular in the world. It was realized in the 1990s, but in the 2000s it took its root. Most people used it to prevent the formation of tumor in the breasts, prostate, and colon, which would otherwise lead to cancer and other complications. In so doing, the drug could be used to stop the abnormal metabolic reactions like diabetes and obesity. Out of such discoveries, it became simple for humanity to avoid the most form of disorders that could be linked to abnormal cell multiplication.

How does GW501516 work?

Every person would want to know how this drug works before getting to use it. This is the primary reason why we opted to do a review on it to give you a direction on what to expect. It works on androgen receptors which enhance glucose intake. At this point, it causes oxidation of fatty acid hence melting any abnormal muscles being produced. This is the primary reason why it is used to solve obesity-related issues.


  • Additionally, it also helps in boosting the level of good cholesterol in the body as it reduces the bad ones. Research shows that it increases good cholesterol by 79%. Those who have been using the drug can attest that it changed their cholesterol level.
  • It is more applicable for those who have to go through a vigorous exercise to burn fats. This is, however, not an excuse that you should stop taking exercise for your physical fitness.

The pros of using GW501516

There are some pros that you are bound to enjoy if you decide to go by this drug in your endeavors to gain strength and stamina. Here are some of them:

It boosts endurance

  • When it comes to doing anything that needs persistence, then this is one of the best sources of tolerance that you should think about. It adds you more energy and stamina to keep going. You wonder what athletes obtain from using this drug! There is nothing unique in what they do.
  • They have only realized the essence of the energy boost that they can get from this drug. You can also benefit from it.
  • If you are doing any form of duty which needs a lot of endurance, you can get your boost from this energy supplement. It gives you more focus to continue doing it. It is like a soft voice in your heart which tells you, ‘you are almost there, press on.’

All you need, at times, is concentration boost and energy. Any supplement on this would be a friend you should not ignore. For instance, if you are a gym instructor, it goes without saying that you need much energy to succeed in your job. This can be a great source of encouragement to you. The good thing with this is that it does not crush you sometimes later after using it. In other words, it keeps you focused, active, and energetic for quite a long time.

It provides long-lasting results

  • There are several sources of energy that you will hear people talking about when it comes to an energy boost. However, Cardarine is durable and gives a long-lasting effect.
  • Once you take a dose, you can enjoy the results for about 10 to 12 hours, which is far much beyond the regular four to six hours’ experience of kratom. This places this drug at more advantage than other familiar sources of energy, stamina, and concentration.

Limited side effects

  • Cardarine also comes with limited results. Well, any drug would come with side effects when not used well. Some, however, would affect the user based on body size and other related factors.
  • What amazes with this specific drug is that it does not have any effects on the user regardless of the body size.
  • Whether you are small in size or big, you can still take this drug. The dosages for each does not differ from individuals based on physical and age differences.

It can be used even during bulking or cutting

  • Another advantage of using cardarine is that you can use it even when bulking or cutting. In other words, you should not consider the facts that this drug prevents the rapid multiplication of cells. During bulking, the drug can still enhance your stamina because it only works on melting the fatty acids. You do not need the fatty acids to grow fat. All you need is muscle development.
  • Even when it comes to cutting, you still can do the drug. The only caution you should take is to ensure that you take the right dose and at the right time. If all you need is endurance when doing something and so you must have a plan to make use of the energy that you are gaining from the use of the drug.

It is non-catabolic and rapidly melts fats

  • Also, the cardarine is known to be non-catabolic meaning it does not interfere with the normal metabolic reactions. Your body will operate as it should do. When taking this drug, you should not worry that maybe some part of you will not perform as needed. Some other medicines may interfere with normal body functioning.

Its effects are noticeable

  • You can quickly notice the impact of using this drug. Even people around you will be attracted to the zeal you have in what you are doing. Other sources of energy and concentration may only give you secretive effects. In other words, it is only you that will feel them, but others may not know why you are valid unless they ask.

Are there side effects of using GW501516?

To this point, there have not been any serious side effects reported on using Cardarine. However, just as any drug would come with side effects when not correctly used, cardarine can also cause some side effects. This means that you will have to use it as prescribed. Some people talk of this drug, causing liver complication, but to this point, there has not been a direct link of this drug to liver diseases.

As a user, you are obligated to follow the correct protocol in taking the drug. It is advisable that you take it within a time limit not shorter than 12 hours. If you take your dose frequently, you may end up overdosing hence calling for further complications. The cycle should also be within one month after which one should take a break from the dosage lest it develops tolerance on an individual.

Where can I buy GW501516?

We interacted with most buyers majorly through social media, and one thing that comes out was that most buyers preferred getting it through the online platforms. Several vendors can be trusted when it comes to buying this drug.

  • For instance, Predator Nutrition is one of the most reliable vendor online who even goes ahead to do free shipping for the sake of the satisfaction of its clients. Well, it is not the only one, and we cannot claim that it is the best one although most clients recommended it for its supply of high-quality products and reliability of the vendor.
  • However, some users reported that they bought the drug from smoke shops. Out of those who got them from the smoke shops, a good number reported their disappointment on the fact that it was complicated to get the drug in one smoke shop. They said that they had to move from one smoke shop to another to get the dose. This is according to reddit. To be one the safe side, we advise that you use the online vendor direction to get all that you need with ease.


Cardarine dose Recommendations

I would recommend that when taking this dose, you should ensure that you do not take this drug on an empty stomach. This would be a direct way of enduring side effects. Any drug is it prescribed by a doctor, or not should be taken on an empty stomach. If this happens, you can be sure that you are going to face issues like vomiting and the like.

  • I would also recommend that you should increase your water intake alongside the dose. This basically to reduce the dehydration that would be caused by those drugs for an energy boost. This is the primary reason why some of the drugs for energy boost have always blamed for producing harmful effects.

Final thought

Having reviewed other peoples’ report on the use of cardarine, I would say that this drug is better than even most of the drug people go for and claim to be natural sources of energy. Majorly, those good sources of energy like kratom have several side effects which can make the whole idea of getting the expected result to become null. If you get a provision of a drug which does not affect you negatively, I guess it should be your source of joy.

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