99SARMs – Products Attain 99% Purity Level By HPLC Method

When looking to buy SARMs, there are many options from different vendors on the market. The good thing is that you can purchase SARMs online nowadays, and they can be delivered right to your doorstep within one or a few days.

Choosing a SARMS vendor can be a daunting task, especially if you have no idea which types of vendors are the best or have the best interests at heart for their clients. That is why doing proper research about a vendor is vital to avoid ending being scammed or buying low-quality SARMs. Here is an in-depth review of a well-known vendor known as 99SARMs.

Pros and Cons of 99SARMs

Below are some of the pros and cons of 99SARMs.

99 Sarms


  1. They offer a wide variety of bodybuilding products and not just SARMs
  2. Affordable prices
  3. They offer a wide range of payment options


  1. Poorly-designed website
  2. Some of their products are highly-priced

Who Are 99SARMS?

99SARMS is a company that sells products to people who are mostly interested in vitro research to study lean muscle, fat loss, and increase of bone density. They have been operating in the industry for several years now, and they’ve managed to gain a good reputation. However, just like all the other SARMs vendors, the company issues a disclaimer that it doesn’t provide SARMs products to use for other research purposes.

Products and Policies

The SARMs that the company sells include:

99SARMS also sells stacks, and they include:

  • Fit stack
  • Albuterol sulfate
  • Punisher stack
  • GW 501516

There are plenty of other products sold by 99SARMS, which you can find on their website.

Product Quality

99SARMS puts the purity tests of their products at 99%, which shows that they provide the best products to customers. The company tests all its products using the HPLC method, and they state that all products have to be tested and attain a 99% purity level or above before being sold to customers.

  • Although these are the claims from the company, they don’t have any certificates of the analyses to prove that what they are saying is true.
  • Though this is quite convincing and should make you comfortable when you plan on placing for your next order.

Customer Support

99SARMS hasn’t put much effort into customer support as it’s supposed to be. Looking at their website, we couldn’t find a customer support email address or phone number. That is a massive disadvantage for the company as most businesses need to provide clients with several ways by which they can contact them in case of any questions or complaints. Therefore, this is something 99SARMS need to look into so as to gain more trust from potential customers. It would be great to have an avenue whereby you can easily ask a question or seek clarification regarding the product of your choice.

99sarms Product

Discounts/Rewards Program

99SARMS doesn’t offer a lot of discounts to customers. What we were able to find is that they provide a 15% discount if you pay for products via Bitcoin. They aren’t any information on their website about free shipping, but you can always reach out to them and find out if there are any discounts offered to customers.

  • The ability to save some money on your order is worthwhile and everyone would be happy at such an idea. Hence the reason why you should consider contacting the vendor for available offers at the time of purchase.
  • You will love the savings you will make on your next order.

Website Usability

As we mentioned earlier, their website is not well designed. It’s not appealing to the eyes, and this is something that they need to check on to ensure they present their online brand in the right way.

  • Navigating through the site is easy. You can access all pages easily. There’s also a lot of information on their website to read and learn.
  • The website can be commended for being able to load fast, and also its responsive nature makes it easier to use on any device.
  • You will save on your most important and valuable time as you order for your preferred product.

Shipping Policies

  • 99SARMS ships products as quickly as possible, and they calculate shipping costs at checkout. The delivery times for the products ordered are estimated by the couriers that the company uses, and you need to note that they are not guaranteed.
  • This is great as you have the ability to receive your preferred product on the same day.

Return and Refund Policies

The company recommends that you contact them if you have any concerns with your order. They only allow you to cancel an order only if it hasn’t entered processing and shouldn’t be in transit. You should also refuse it on delivery and return it exactly as it is in its original form.

  • You are required to wait at least 30 days before contacting 99SARMS regarding an undelivered package. The company claims they are not responsible for incorrect addresses.
  • They don’t refund shipping and return shipping costs. Refunds generally take between 1 to 5 days.

Customer Reviews

99SARMS doesn’t have any customer reviews, but searching online on different forums, you can be able to find out what other customers are saying about the company and their products.


Legit Status of Vendor

99SARMS is a good company that ensures they provide high-quality products to its customers. From the look on their website, all the information they provide as well as customer reviews on different forums about the company, it’s not such a bad idea to purchase products from them – provided you stay cautious.


Trusting a SARMs vendor requires the utmost caution by making sure you know precisely the kind of company you are dealing with before placing an order. 99SARMS has managed to score well in some areas, although they still need to improve in other areas.

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